Why do Swedish people like saunas? (2023)

Why do Swedish people like saunas?

In Scandinavia and certainly in Sweden, the sauna represents a similar culture whereby heated rooms or buildings provide guests with a way to relax and sweat, in addition to promoting various health benefits. Saunas are in abundance all over Sweden where they are commonly known as 'bastu'.

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Do Swedes like sauna?

Most Swedes love a sauna, but they're not as fanatical about them as their neighbors, the Finns. Whereas for most Finns, a sauna is enjoyed at least once a week, for Swedes, it's usually less frequent. About half of Swedes use a sauna once a year. And about 40 percent go a few times a year.

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Is sauna popular in Sweden?

Sweden and Finland both have a long sauna history. Swedes enjoy going to the sauna but do not go as often as the Finns. It is always a good idea to take a towel with you to sit on. Especially in Tornionjokilaakso, saunas are very popular.

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Why do people like saunas so much?

Saunas raise your heart rate, allow your blood vessels to dilate, and increase blood flow to the skin. In turn, that helps relax the body and remove your mind from life's stresses and worries. Lots of research finds that saunas make you feel euphoric and relaxed.

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What country uses the sauna the most?

We are talking about Finland, where there are more than a whopping 2 million saunas, that's much more than any other place in the world. In fact, Finland also has sauna museums and academies. In India, whenever we buy a house many of us carry out rituals for purifying and cleansing the sanctity of the house.

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Can you make love in a sauna?

Intimacy – Saunas do create more intimacy and no doubt many couples feel relaxed enough for sex. Of course, individual's health differs so respect your own limits of heat exposure combined with physical activity and stay hydrated.

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Why do Scandinavians have saunas?

The Scandinavians traditionally used the incredibly versatile sauna as a sterile place for treating the sick, giving birth, bloodletting, preparing smoked food, concocting malts, drying clothes, and grooming the dead. Cupping, massage, and body balancing are still practiced today in the healing heat of the sauna.

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Why do Swedes tan easily?

"Either the genetics is subtly different in Swedes, such that they have blond hair and fair skin but the propensity to develop more melanin when they see the sun, " Professor Scott says. "[Or] maybe there is a form of conditioning in which the genes get set by environmental triggers in a particular sort of way."

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What is considered rude in Swedish culture?

Do not criticize Swedish lifestyle, sexual habits, suicide rate, prices, etc. Do not compliment lightly. Insincere comments are considered rude.

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Why are saunas popular in Europe?

Unlike many other, more densely populated places in Europe, the availability of wood needed to build and warm the sauna has never been an issue. Another reason for its popularity is that in such a cold climate, the sauna allows people warmth for at least a short period of time.

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